Digital Design course details

The aim of this online course is to provide you with the digital design skills and knowledge to plan learning, assessment, units and programmes for flexible delivery next year.

In the course you will:

  • Critically reflect on your experience of teaching online
  • Explore engaging and inclusive design for your context
  • Analyse how different technologies can support different types of learning, teaching and assessment
  • Apply principles of online design to your teaching, assessment, units and programmes

By the end you will have designed a sequence of online activities for a week of teaching, and will have the knowledge and skills to build a user-friendly course in Blackboard using a range of different tools and types of task. 

The Digital Design – individual self study course has now launched, this course is a self-study resource, meaning that you can work through the course at your own pace, and in your own time.

19 thoughts on “Digital Design course details”

  1. This looks really helpful, but I don’t want to enroll until I know how many hours of contact and preparation time are expected for those taking the course. Can you share that on this site please?

    1. Hi Catherine, we expect people to spend 1 hour a day on this course per course date (i.e. 7 hours in total). Hope that helps. Amy

  2. Please can you post the dates of the next courses soon? I really want to join this but as a senior academic with many commitments my timetable is already full for many of these dates (including at 9am). Astrid Lindhorst said at our Bristol Medical School livestream that there would be two more courses in June and July but I don’t know when. Some of us need to block out the times in our calendars well in advance or the slots get filled up!
    Many thanks.

  3. This is a helpful offer – but you commit to running it again AFTER we’ve all done our marking?

    1. Hi Dave – are the July dates okay? We can definitely look into running in again later in the summer.

  4. Is it possible to run this course for part time staff. With my children at home as well I can’t commit to daily working. as a major unit lead I feel it would be useful. You say it’s an hour each day could you run a course over 2weeks instead?

    1. Hi Julie, we are looking into ways this course can be done for staff with children at home. I will look into this and get back to you 🙂

    2. Hi Julie, we’ve had a talk about this and thought that a completely asynchronous run of the course would be helpful for those who can’t join the live sessions and commit to taking the course each day. It would run in August – is this something you would be interested in? You can register interest by using the link below and we will keep you updated on any developments 🙂

  5. I cannot figure out the times and days for the course beginning 15 June. Can this be listed on the page? My schedule is packed with meetings and I do not know how to fit this in. Also, I clicked to download this to my calendar, but it did not appear in my calendar.

    1. Hi Jutta – details and dates of the course in June are here:
      There are only two ‘live’ sessions in the course, which are both recorded, so even the busiest of diaries should be able to accommodate! :). I’m not sure what is going on with calendar invite, I suggest adding it in manually if the automatic download didn’t work.
      Best wishes,

  6. I found out today that I’m going to be furloughed as of tomorrow! I would like to cancel my place on the course starting 15 June and book for the July course. I can’t find an email confirmation. How do I reschedule? Thanks!

      1. Thanks for cancelling my place. I booked onto the July course and got a confirmation.

  7. Hello
    I was scheduled to attend the course this week but haven’t received any confirmation and haven’t been registered in anything on BB. I am sorry I left it until the last minute to log in.
    Do you know what went wrong this time around and can I register for the July course?

  8. Hi! My furlough has been extended until the end of July. Please could you cancel my place on the July course? I’ve submitted an expression of interest in the Aug course.

  9. Hello, the expression of interest survey for August run appears to have fallen over. I am interested!

    1. Hi John, Thank you for letting us know about the broken link. It’s great to hear that you are interested in the course, the survey has been taken down as the Digital Design – individual self study course has been launched, you can get all the details and register here.

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