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Online Study Lounges: What they are, and how Study Skills have run them

Guest blog by Dr Lewis Coyne, Study Skills Tutor for Social Sciences and Law

The past 10 months have brought about a minor revolution in the teaching and support offered at higher education institutions. The … Continue reading

Teaching Stories

Designing an online course that is more about questions than answers

Guest blog from Professor Bridget Anderson and Emma Newcombe

This time in 2019 we at Migration Mobilities Bristol (MMB), one of Bristol’s Specialist Research Institutes, were busy planning a programme of international visits and … Continue reading

News, Student Voice

Learning to live well in lockdown: A student’s diary on the Science of Happiness course

When I heard the Science of Happiness course was being made available, I was immediately curious. Not only did Bruce Hood’s course offering provide the prospect of doing something to cheer me up during lockdown, … Continue reading