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Playing games with learning

From cards, to gaming consoles and table-top family classics, gaming is something I’ve always loved. My favourite genre is the RPG, role-playing game, where you can select an avatar and journey through fantastical worlds in heroic fashion. Puzzles get my brain … Continue reading

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Student Voice

Toppling Colonisation : reflections for Bristol

This summer, students in Bristol were juggling multiple major responsibilities at once:  managing the pandemic; adjusting to online assessments; and fighting different forms of injustice. The city made global headlines in June after the statue of Edward Colston was toppled by … Continue reading

Student Voice

Co-designing assessments with students

Universities have been adopting ‘student voice’ mechanisms as a means of enhancing their programmes for some time. In my experience, this has been moderately successful, used to move assessment dates to avoid bunching, or reducing multi-part assessments to singular and vice versa. However, I wouldn’t argue that moving a hand-in date alone is co-designing … Continue reading