Feedback Practices

Published 04/10/2019 (you may also be interested in reading Assessment and Feedback)

Feedback, when done right, can be a powerful tool for learning, but too often it is either ignored, unclear or unhelpful in ‘feeding-forward’ to students. We’ve pulled together some great resources, blogs and case studies to support you in developing your feedback practices. But first, we thought we’d start with our top five tips for giving feedback .  

What are the next steps for the student?
– Provide three key points for improving the next piece of work. 
– Jisc have created this guide on how to use technology to encourage ‘feed-forward’ practices.
– Signpost to services and resources to help the student where you have mentioned areas for improvement.

Marking criteria 
Be clear why the marks have been given. Reference relevant marking criteria before and after the assignment. 
– Consider co-creating marking criteria , which has the dual benefit of engagement in both the assessment creation and consequent feedback.

Manageable and dialogic 
Keep it short, digestible and concise but provide opportunities for students to discuss feedback with you or other students. When feedback becomes a dialogue, we know it is effective. 
– Simple things like asking a student to predict their mark before sharing it can engage them in their feedback to see how close they were
This research (Bloxham, 2010) highlights the use of interactive assessment coversheets and the impact on feedback (p296 onwards for results and conclusions).

Legible and findable 
Typed documents or digital feedback, such as Blackboard and Turnitin, ensure legibility and can be easily adapted for re-use. 
– BILT and DEO have interviewed colleagues about their use of online feedback tools.

Audio feedback 
Quick, effective and engaging, audio feedback provides a personal response and creates a sense of conversation. 
– DEO created this case study with the School of Modern Languages on their use of audio and video feedback.

Official University Guidance
The Academic Quality and Process Office (AQPO) has developed guidance for academics in providing students with feedback. The website contains documents such as:

Other helpful resources