Student Voice

Co-designing assessments with students

Universities have been adopting ‘student voice’ mechanisms as a means of enhancing their programmes for some time. In my experience, this has been moderately successful, used to move assessment dates to avoid bunching, or reducing multi-part assessments to singular and vice versa. However, I wouldn’t argue that moving a hand-in date alone is co-designing … Continue reading


Moving Assessment Online: Key Principles for Inclusion, Pedagogy and Practice

This AdvanceHE webinar was chaired by Patrick Baughan with presenters David Carless, Jess Moody and Jess Stokes discussing different aspects. The format of the webinar was that each presenter gave a 10-15 minute presentation (some … Continue reading

Teaching Stories

An (a)typical day in The Office

Amy Palmer, Toby Roberts and Marnie Woodmeade all visited James Norman’s ‘The Office’ project and have shared their experiences below.

Amy’s reflection:

I’d been looking forward to visiting James’ ‘Just Timber’ office since before … Continue reading

500 Words

Informal exploratory writing: three activities you can try with your students

The following post was written by Amy Palmer, BILT Digital Resources Officer. 

Studies have shown there is a strong correlation between the amount of writing a learner completes and their attainment (Arum and Roksa, 2011). … Continue reading