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Reflections on the International Day of Education

As I write, the International Day of Education is being celebrated across the world. It’s the perfect time to reflect on why education matters to our students and to us as teachers.

There is joy and sorrow when it comes to education. We cherish students’ achievements at every stage and lament any impediment to their success.

While education is a human right, it is not always accessible. In Ukraine, some five million children’s education is impeded due to war. For many girls and women in the world, they are restricted or banned from school and university, such as the Taliban’s rules in Afghanistan.

Education is essential to making the world a better place and we are all part of that story. Many rejoice the ability of education pathways to create conscientious world citizens, to create space to connect with others and to change the world for the better.

Education is our means of empowering the next generation to face the problems of today and tomorrow. From climate change, to inequality, to the everyday nine to five job, there is a lot we need to prepare our students for.

For now, I am taking today to reflect on how education is an honour to receive and to share with others, and how not every one of our students has an easy road to get into our classrooms. I am also thinking about who decides what should be included or excluded from our educational offerings, how we can embody the spirit and practice of decolonisation, and fight for a curriculum that is inclusive.

Follow the hashtag online to discover the conversation, #InternationalDayofEducation.

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