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Meet the 2022 BILT Associates – Christophe Fricker

The following post is from Christophe Fricker whose BILT Associate role continues into 22/23 exploring Resonance Pedagogy.

My focus as a BILT Associate last year has been on developing materials around Resonance Pedagogy for both internal use and external distribution, and I’m hoping to build on that work this year. Specifically, I want to find out how resonance pedagogy can work in asynchronous teaching, and I want to explore where it is already being used.

Resonance Pedagogy prioritises relationship building in teaching and learning and assumes that attainment will improve when ‘resonant’ relationships are in place.

Resonance itself is a sociological concept that is widely discussed across the globe, with relevant literature, notably Hartmut Rosa’s foundational texts, being available in many languages. Resonance Pedagogy, however, is currently limited to – large-scale – educational initiatives and discussions in Germany. My BILT Associateship this year has been designed to build a ‘Resonance Pedagogy bridgehead’ in the English-speaking world!

For 2022/23 I would like to focus on an area that RP practitioners and theorists have not yet tackled. They have focused on classroom-based teaching and learning; I work in an asynchronous online programme though, where written exchanges are one of the key forms of teaching and learning. In an earlier book coming out of my doctoral work, and in later post-doctoral work and publications, I have examined the way written texts (specifically poetry but also exchanges of letters) can foster community.

I would like to bring this work to bear on Resonance Pedagogy to show that resonant relationships in a strict sense of the word can emerge in asynchronous online teaching. I would then like to present my work to colleagues through a Show, Tell and Talk session, participation in a relevant academic conference and a short video for BILT.

Taking stock of existing RP application should be exciting – I am very much looking forward to reaching out to a diverse community of educational practitioners.

I am really enjoying working with BILT. I find the opportunities for exchanging ideas offered by BILT both useful and … not at all dissimilar to resonant relationships!

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