Case Studies: Embedding employability and community engaged learning

The Faculty Employability Team consult and advise academics in embedding employability into their curriculum through activities such as authentic learning. 

The Team have been busy working with academic colleagues developing new embedding employability and engaged learning case studies.  There are three new videos:

There are also two new written case studies from the school of Accounting and Finance:

  • Financial Reporting and Analysis is an example of how a guest lecturer can provide an insight on careers options as well as a challenge using real world data.
  • Banking uses alternative assessment methods to surface skills.

This is a useful resource for colleagues to get practical tips on how they can bring authentic learning into their pedagogy.

Stuart Johnson, Director of Careers and Skills

You can learn more about ways to incorporate employability in our Embedding Employability Toolkit.

If you’re interested in any of the ideas for your practice, you can get in touch with the relevant Faculty Employability Team member.

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