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Decolonising and diversifying the biomedical sciences curriculum at the University of Bristol

The Biomedical Sciences ‘Decolonising and Diversifying the Curriculum’ team has produced an animation summarising its work. The animation, produced in collaboration with undergraduate students and with ZigZag Animations Kenya, gives a whistle-stop tour of some of their projects. This includes students’ perceptions after reviewing several biomedical sciences units, as well as insights into staff and student attitudes towards decolonising and diversifying the curriculum arising from survey and focus group data. The animation presents the ‘3Rs Framework’ for decolonising and diversifying the curriculum, which might be useful for others starting this journey and looking to make their curriculum more inclusive and relevant to all students. 

Animation description
Academics and students from the three Biomedical Sciences Schools have produced an animated video explaining their work on decolonising and diversifying the undergraduate curriculum. This work arises from acknowledging the impact of colonialism across the teaching of all subjects, including the biomedical sciences, at institutions in the global north.

0:00 Intro – why do we need to decolonise the biomedical sciences curriculum?

0:57 Perceptions of students after reviewing some of our undergraduate courses

1:50 Results of surveys and focus groups with students and staff: the 3Rs framework The work was funded by the Biochemical Society and the Faculty of Life Sciences Education Innovation Fund. Animation work was by ZigZag Animations Kenya. 

Authors: Alice Robson, Bronwen Burton, Caroline McKinnon, Ames Mosley, Zafar Bashir, Lara Lalemi 

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