What did starting University feel like to you?

Some of the BILT team have shared their first experiences of university and offered some advice to all our new Freshers. What was your first impression of university? Share with us in the comment box below!

‘Starting university felt like a door opening in terms of access to knowledge, opportunities, friendships and a new city to explore. It felt like finally being set free! I was also pretty terrified.’
– Caro, BILT Coordinator

All I really cared about was making friends and not letting my parents down. Looking back, I wish I had gotten more involved in university life and taken advantage of all the knowledge and experiences I had access to.’
– Amy P, Digital Resources Officer

‘My top tip is to speak to people. Anyone. Everyone. Learning to talk to people is an incredible life skill (and one I have developed much later than normal). When you talk to people generally they are delighted because you have done the hardest part and all they have to do is join in. As a lecturer I actually find my classes of 70 students quite scary (especially as I’m an introvert) and although I build a lot of opportunity for me to discuss the work with students it is always easier if people come and ask me questions rather than the other way round. ‘
– James, BILT Academic Fellow

‘One of the best things about University is the friends you make for life. My recommendation is to be proactive. For instance, when you finish a seminar where you’ve been chatting to other students, ask them out for coffee, swap contact details and make this a regular thing. So often we sit back and wait to be approach when we can instead be the person who starts the social interactions.

Look through the various handbooks for the units you are studying. They tell you what’s expected of you on the unit, and offer an insight into how to do well. It can helpful to check out the reading lists early in the term and find out where the resources are online and in the library. Getting ahead on your reading sets you up for success later in the term, especially for essays and exams.’
– Ash, Education Developer

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