Bristol Teaching Awards

Stephen Montgomery

Senior Research Fellow, Faculty of Life Sciences, School of Biological Sciences

“He is an inspiring researcher, bringing forward interesting and innovative ideas that made us all keen to join his lab in the first place, and his diverse interests make the lab a stimulating environment…”

“He gently encourages us to reach for opportunities such as conferences but never pressures any of us to do anything we don’t want to do – he knows that the opportunities are our own to make the most of.”

“…he is an understanding and empathetic supervisor, who is considerate of his students’ needs.”

“He is also firmly committed to promoting equality and diversity in the college, making sure to educate himself on issues of inequality in academia and creating a safe and welcoming environment in his own lab.”

We asked Stephen how he felt about being shortlisted

I’m really touched (and surprised…) to be nominated for this award. Doing graduate research can be a pretty intense experience in normal circumstances and the pandemic has presented some unique challenges and a lot of disruption, but it’s been amazing to see how our community of grad students have coped and adjusted.

The grad students in our lab are all great to work with – super smart, dedicated and enthusiastic – and collaborating with them on their projects is one of the most fun parts of the job and an absolute pleasure.

The last 18 months have been really tough, and there have definitely been times when their work and attitude have provided a much needed boost to get through the working week. So all credit and thanks to them for making my role easy.

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