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Stephen Montgomery

Bristol Teaching Awards. Shortlisted nominee in white text on red background. Golden apple in the bottom left corner

Senior Lecturer, School of Biological Sciences

He provides outstanding academic leadership to a level I have never experienced before. He always has excellent ideas on how to bring research projects to the next level, and provides regular support in trouble shooting scientific set-backs. He has a great amount of integrity and leads by example, creating a stimulating and safe research environment for his research team to thrive. He encourages those around him to support each other and lift each other up, resulting in a productive and happy research team

He is patient, understanding, empathetic, and fantastically organised in his approach to guiding my work. 

Steve has become a life-changing academic mentor, providing me with an inner confidence to push myself and become an independent researcher. His scientific ethos, organisation and dedication to me and other members of his ever-expanding research team have ignited an inner confidence which will shape my approach to research for the rest of my career. 

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