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Peter Fowler

Peter Fowler

Clinical Senior Lecturer in Orthodontics, Bristol Dental School

Dr Peter Fowler defines remarkable. His teaching techniques are interesting, commonly ending any discussion with an open-ended question, leaving me perplexed and wanting to know more about the subject matter. He would revisit the conversation a few days later with his signature statement, ” So now that you’re a black belt in the subject. Do tell me more about what you know. ” His approach gives me a sense of responsibility for my knowledge. He is always open to questions and clarifications if I am more confused after reading 

He is always supportive, takes time to listen and encourages curiosity. He creates a safe space and environment to develop and learn. 

He is always happy to help and is friendly and approachable at all times. He is innovative and dynamic in the way he teaches as he makes us think outside of the box and introduces novel methods of learning. 

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