Bristol Teaching Awards

Oleksiy Klurman

Lecturer Faculty of Science, School of Mathematics

“The way he teaches provide many of our year 1 mathematics student a kind and rigorous introduction to the subject.”

“Amid the pandemic, he still tried his best to deliver a learning experience that is as intriguing as possible.”

“Outside of the curriculum, Dr Klurman had also done a lot of work to ensure students can maximize their learning opportunities. Most notably, he created a problem-solving class for all students studying mathematics, specifically for the preparation of the International Mathematics Competition (IMC).”

We asked Oleksiy how he felt about being shortlisted

With all the recordings we have made this year it almost feels like being nominated for a Grammy! I am deeply honoured and very grateful for all the kind words.  
It was an extremely gratifying experience to watch students being so engaged, dedicated and active during such an unusual academic year. I am happy that at least part of my passion for math and teaching could penetrate the Zoom screen.

I am glad that our extracurricular activities gave an opportunity to those who want to know more, to “get together” and discuss some fun (math!) topics. 

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