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Nilu Ahmed

Nilu Ahmed

Senior Lecturer in Social Sciences, Bristol Dental School

Nilu has been a key player in work across the university which inspires curiosity, creativity and a love of learning through her teaching and support of student learning. Her research around decolonising has had an impact beyond their own teaching in the university and further, in the wider Bristol community. As part of Nilu’s work, she teaches about the importance of seeing the whole person and the intersectional structural, social, and individual factors that impact health and oral health. 

Dr Nilu Ahmed hosts lectures every Wednesday about decolonising the dental curriculum. She brings in a variety of different people from different backgrounds to come and speak to us and help us understand how to help and support patients who come into our clinics that are from these backgrounds. This has aided my learning and it inspires me to go and see where and how i could contribute in making a difference just like Dr.Nilu does. 

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