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Natalie Fey

Associate Professor in the Faculty of Science, School of Chemistry

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Natalie Fey meets the criteria for this award because her educational vision, planning and innovation has significantly enhanced the experience of chemistry students across all year groups. Recently Natalie has worked with colleagues across schools and faculties to develop a new chemistry programme. Her passion, tenacity and drive ensured the Chemistry with Scientific Computing programme launched as planned in 2020-21

Natalie has been instrumental in integrating computational and data science skills more widely throughout the chemistry curriculum across all years. It is widely recognised that these digital skills will be increasingly important for all graduates in the future. For example, in year 1 Natalie developed and coordinated a new mode of teaching delivery and assessment of a core topic. Students worked in groups over four weeks to produce posters which were presented in a “press conference” to both staff and peers as the culmination of The Molecular Orbital Festival.

Simply put the contribution of Natalie Fey to the planning, implementation, and delivery of teaching in the School of Chemistry is above and beyond.

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