Bristol Teaching Awards

MSc in Public Health & MSc in Epidemiology Directors, Unit Leads and Professional Services

Faculty of Health Sciences, Bristol Medical School – Population Health Sciences

Team members: Ruth Kipping, Deborah Caldwell, Nikki Foss, Maya Gobin, Beki Langford, Destiny Goodship, Hannah Christensen, Katy Turner, Charles Beck, Rona Campbell, Judi Kidger, Gemma Morgan, Frank De Vocht, Stephanie MacNeill, Nicola Wiles, Jo Coast, Sian Noble, Hayley Jones, Leila Rooshenas, Gabriel Scally, Amanda Owen-Smith, Kate Northstone, Kaitlin Wade, Jon Heron, Penny Whiting, Theresa Redaniel, Dheeraj Rai, Jelena Savovic, Peter Vickerman, Caroline Hollis, Rachel Denholm, Laura Howe, Rebecca Pearson, Luisa Zuccolo, Gemma Sharp, Georgie MacArthur, Kyla Thomas

“…overcome several hurdles to deliver truly excellent teaching on-line, supported and reassured the students with regular feedback and communication – and piloted mentoring between PhD students and our MSc students.”

“…a lot of our class have been thrown in the deep end with our roles but I just wanted to express how relevant the MSc course at Bristol is in preparing students for a public health career.”

“Everyone has played their part within the team on ensuring students stayed engaged and were not disadvantaged or lost out on learning new skills and knowledge.”

“The poster presentation session at Canynge Hall yesterday was amazing. I had never seen something like that before even on TV.”

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