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Michael Malay

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Lecturer in English Literature and Environmental Humanities, Department of English

Michael is my most supportive seminar tutor, always creating a talkative and welcoming atmosphere for my classes where everyone feels comfortable to contribute ideas. 

Whenever I speak, I feel like I’m being listened to in a deep way, and thanks to the supportive environment of these seminars, I have found myself becoming more confident in class. Our ideas are sometimes challenged by the tutor, but whenever this happens, it is done in a way that doesn’t diminish our contributions but complicates them and opens up other ways of looking. This allows us to consider ideas that may not be fully developed in our minds, but which we’re able to freely explore and work through together as a group.

In class, he skilfully directs conversation around some quite sensitive topics, keeping conversation open and encouraging everyone to really get their ideas out. Michael is a great listener, and you get a sense he feels like he learns from us too. 

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