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Meet the Student Fellows… Michelle Jideofor

My name is Michelle Jideofor and I am one of the new BILT Student Fellows. Being a third year Civil Engineering student, this may not have been the most obvious role for me but throughout my university journey I have developed a keen interest in student representation and Education policy. I am very excited and honoured to be a part of a team that contributes to improving of the student experience and inspires innovation and excellence across the university and beyond. Hopefully, I can make some friends along the way too! 

It is crazy how my three years (well, almost three years) at the University of Bristol have gone by in a heartbeat but fortunately enough for me, I have been able to squeeze in a number of amazing experiences some of which include road-trips, sleep overs, and coffee dates (it’s always the simple things in life). Being someone who doesn’t like too much free time on my hands, I took on a number of roles the university had to offer, such as a being a peer mentor and Faculty of Engineering – Widening Participation Ambassador, both of which have taught me so much and better prepared me for this role. The only downside to such amazing roles is that it does not feel at all like work, now I have a skewed view of what work after university will be like or maybe just higher standards, I’m not quite sure which one it is yet.  

Some of my other interests include trying new things (I promise it’s an actual thing!), reading and hanging out with friends. I absolutely love the outdoors, I would usually take a least one camping trip every year with friends, the ones where you sleep in a tent and go on regular hiking adventures, unfortunately, covid had her/his way this year. I am such an adrenaline junkie some of my goals post-covid include sky diving and hot air balloon riding, which should not be too hard in Bristol!

Michelle Jideofor BILT Student Fellow 20/21 working on the projects – Creating online communities – Assessment and feedback – Students as researchers -Decolonisation.

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