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Meet the 2021 BILT Associates…Rabeya Khatoon

The following post is from Rabeya Khatoon who started her BILT Associate role on the theme of Assessment and Feedback

I am excited to join the BILT Associates to work on assessment and feedback. I am an Economist with an interested in Econometrics and Economics Education. I have been involved in online peer assessment since I joined Bristol in 2017. One of my recent pedagogy research projects (2018/19 onward) is to evaluate the effect of flipped classes using peer assessment, joint with a colleague at the Department of Statistical Science, University College London. We have analysed the impact of incentives to engage students in formative peer assessments at both postgraduate and the undergraduate level. The paper is forthcoming at Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education. The assessments are set up on Blackboard using Turnitin peer assessment tools. Recently I have also tried Blackboard peer assessment tool, which didn’t come out to be as successful as the Turnitin one.

Another of my ongoing project (2020/21) joint with two of my colleagues at Bristol and one is to analyse the gender dimension of peer feedback. We used the Eduflow peer assessment platform, where it is possible to assign and monitor student reflection on the peer feedback they received.

I am curious to explore various forms of assessment and providing feedback using various tools. In addition to peer marking, so far, I’ve managed to explore self-assessment, discussion boards, quizzes, and student presentations. I am interested to reflect on my practice and its impact on student motivation, learning, and overall staff- student welfare.  I am looking forward to engaging in productive discussions with colleagues through BILT activities.

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