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CAME 2021 Year 1 Tutor Plan Term 1

This is the first section of the CAME tutor plan for 2020/21, created by James Norman, (Professor of Sustainable Design, Department of Civil Engineering), spanning week 1 in October 2020 to end of December 2020 (week 11).

Each week comprise a set of instructions and guidelines, with exercises (some optional) intended to support students make connections, engage fully with University life (including sign -posting SU societies, Careers, Study Skills etc), with an emphasis on getting students to talk and share, often bringing in simple fun elements to support the engagement with the important aspects of the tutorials. The sessions also frequently rely on students from years above joining in, especially with breakout activities and in the original document James supplies a timetable of availability of students from other years so that tutors can plan their timetable effectively. The instructions were sent on a weekly basis, so that tutors had something each week to work with, and the students had a comparable experience each week. Many thanks to James for sharing these!

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