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Márton Balázs

Reader in Probability in the Faculty of Science, School of Mathematics

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Márton always delivers his lectures in a very interacting and engaging style, and he teaches many of the theorems and concepts using very insightful and interesting questions and always encourages students to think initiatively and independently on the lectures.

Dr Márton Balazs has really revealed to me the beauty and power of probability theory, both from his lectures and outside the lectures. And after studying this course and discussing with him, I started to realize that probability has permeated into every corner of our daily lives, and more importantly, me and my friends started to enjoy thinking mathematics independently and in the way like real mathematicians.

Marton Balzas took outstanding initiative during the pandemic, … Marton was innovative in the way he taught, creating almost 200 recorded videos explaining all areas of both his martingales course and his further topics in probability course.

For me personally Márton really inspired me to go further with my learning and visit concepts and areas outside of our course through showing us different ways in which the things we learnt could be adapted and changed for other uses.

We asked Márton how he felt about being nominated and shortlisted.

I am deeply honoured by being shortlisted. There can be no greater reward than my Student Audience appreciating what I do for them.

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