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Marios Kremantzis

Marios Kremantzis

Lecturer in Business Analytics, University of Bristol Business School

The most important element that I would like to highlight is that, during his lectures, he creates a safe environment where we feel confident to engage with him. I noticed that even the students who never speak up are now very active in his sessions.

Marios’s greatest strength lies in his ability to foster an inclusive learning environment that welcomes and supports all learners. 

His passion for the subject matter was infectious, and he encouraged us to delve deeper into the material and challenge ourselves to think critically. But what truly set Marios apart was his unwavering commitment to his students’ success. He made himself readily available to answer questions, provide additional resources, and offer guidance. His encouragement and support inspired us to push ourselves to achieve our full potential. In sum, Marios exemplifies what it means to be an outstanding teacher. He is passionate, dedicated, and committed to his students’ success.

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