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Marin Dujmovic

Graduate Teacher Level 2 in the Faculty of Life Sciences, School of Psychological Science

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Marin has not only made my life immeasurably easier, but has also helped to make research methods accessible, inclusive, interesting and, dare I say, enjoyable for several hundred psychology students. As Marin is now nearing the completion date for his PhD, he’ll be moving on to bigger things. Before he leaves us, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank him for his patience, his conscientiousness, and his untiring devotion to getting students tuned in and switched on to the challenges and joys of doing psychology research!

Marin goes the extra mile to inspire curiosity, creativity, and a love of learning through their support of student learning.

Between classes, he is very active on the Blackboard discussion forum. This involves answering questions thoughtfully, prompting students to make connections between different parts of the unit and, again, striking a balance between providing support and nurturing independence. Importantly, the balance is sensitive to individual students’ circumstances and a host of contextual factors…

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