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Laurence Publicover

Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Arts, Department of English

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Not only does [Laurence] go above and beyond in the teaching space, but he also looks out for the students with extraordinary understanding and an attentiveness that makes difficult conversations feel as though they are the easiest topics in the world.

It feels as though the aim of Laurence’s personal tutor meetings is to help students remain stable throughout the term and feel confident that they will be listened to when voicing opinions or problems; indeed, a professional relationship based on trust has been created, with space for building on self-awareness, initiative and autonomy.

I have always felt that whatever struggles I have been facing Laurence would be my first port of call, from academic support to mental health advice. Laurence provides the most in-depth feedback on academic work that I have found to be the most helpful during my three years at university. I have been able to apply the feedback provided on the modules that Laurence has taught me to all others that I have completed/am completing. While I feel all tutors have been great, Laurence stands out…

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