Bristol Teaching Awards

Laurence Kedward

Teaching Associate, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Aerospace Engineering

“…his clear explanations in lectures and brilliant notes have been absolutely invaluable.”

“Very innovative lectures based upon exciting and recent research”

“Always delivers engaging and succinct lectures, particularly in this new online format.”

“Both ANMA and NSMA have been great courses, and Mr Kedward is a fantastic teacher.”

Your background and experience relevant to the award category

I have been teaching as a postgraduate at Bristol for four years now which I have always found to be a rewarding experience. This year has been quite a step-up from my previous teaching experience of running engineering labs and tutorials to now preparing and presenting lectures for two final year units. While requiring a little more work, the experience has been no less enjoyable and has in fact given me more confidence towards pursuing an academic career in the future.

Your style of working and ethos relevant to the award category

The online and blended learning this past year has presented some challenges for engaging and interacting with students, however where possible I tried to exploit this environment by writing interactive digital demonstrations and visualisations for students to use in their own time. I find graphical and practical examples to be very effective for reinforcing mathematical concepts presented in lectures, and I’m fortunate to be able to draw on my postgraduate research in this area to come up with some interesting ones. It’s then quite enjoyable to discuss these with the students who always come up with some interesting ideas of their own.

What you enjoy about the role

It means a lot to me to hear feedback from students who have found the units both informative and enjoyable, and I’m already planning for how I can implement what I’ve learnt this year to improve my teaching next year.

How you feel about being shortlisted for the award

I am honoured and touched to have been nominated and shortlisted for an Inspiring and Innovative Teaching Award.

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