Bristol Teaching Awards

Judith Fox

Lecturer, Faculty of Health Sciences, Bristol Medical School – Translational Health Sciences

“I am personally inspired by her willingness to always seek to evaluate, review and iterate the areas of the course she works on and her extraordinary hard work.”

“She has written or co-written almost all of the cases now used in the curriculum. Her approach to writing cases has been inclusive, cross-disciplinary and cross-year, enabling cases to be revisited in later years.”

“Not content with aiming for business as usual, she effortlessly moved teaching online; creating new online tutorials and teaching sessions, supporting staff to deliver sessions, assisting with case-based learning online, and coordinating a portfolio of teaching materials from clinical teaching fellows across multiple NHS trusts to inspire and support students in clinical years.”

“…Dr Fox is a truly remarkable, selfless and caring individual and an inspiration to all of us. It’s hard to thank her enough for her dedication to helping us reach our potential as we prepare to become the doctors of tomorrow.”

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