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Jude Bramton

Lecturer in the Faculty of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering

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[Judes] lectures are always dynamic, linking ideas to real life examples and concrete application of them, with regular questions prompting us to reflect and think about what we’ve been taught and how we can apply what we have learnt, leading me to always take up further research and reflection after all her lectures – prerecorded and live.

Jude has made a massive difference in her time at the department. She is always open to chat about issues, whether they are individual or affect the university course as a whole. She has dramatically improved the way that the department communicates with students, starting townhall meetings which has allowed me to feel that the university staff are listening to students concerns, and she is always enthusiastic to hear feedback about the degree.

[Jude] is so enthusiastic about teaching engineering that you can’t help but get enthused too, and think that you too can make an impact on the world.

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