Bristol Teaching Awards

Joe Williams

Lecturer, Faculty of Science, School of Geographical Sciences

“In the first term, Joe organised a walk around Bristol oriented around the book ‘Weird Bristol’ (when groups of 6 were allowed), with the tutor group.”

“Joe organised weekly, voluntary ‘coffee mornings’ on Wednesdays… which gave the tutor group an opportunity to get together virtually and get advice on coursework.”

“Joe went above and beyond to ensure that his tutees were supported and could get as much out of their time at university as possible, both getting to know the city and other students.”

“Joe has been an outstanding tutor this year to PGT students.”

You can read more about Joe and his nomination for the 2021 Bristol Teaching Awards in the post Connecting cohorts in a disconnected world

We asked Joe about his background

I am a Human Geographer, based in the School of Geographical Sciences. My research aims to understand the changing relationships between environment and society using theoretical perspectives from political ecology, urban studies, development and political economy (particularly financialization). My work focusses on the politics of water and energy infrastructure as a lens for critically understanding social and ecological challenges, such as climate change. My current work looks at how infrastructure corridors are changing the geographies of global development.

I have a long-standing research interest in the proliferation of seawater desalination as a source of ‘new’ water in diverse contexts around the world, particularly in cities. Although not well understood, desalination now supplies water for about half a billion people globally and has quietly become one of the most important urban metabolic transformations in the 21st Century, offering important insights on how societies are responding to issues like water security.

I enjoy teaching both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, primarily on the themes of global development, environmental governance and sustainable development.

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