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We are looking for new authors for our popular BILT blog. We enjoy new posts about learning and teaching and are very keen to hear about your experiences. Share your learning and teaching approaches and practices, innovative ideas or reflections on a current topical issue. Your post can be presented as a blog post, infographic or podcast. If you have any questions please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!

Show, Tell and Talk Workshop: Education for Sustainable Development Staff Network Special

Members of the Education for Sustainable Development Staff network will share examples of how they have integrated environmental sustainability in their teaching, and the motivations and context behind their choice of educational experience – their ‘theories of change’ – and the tensions and controversies this can raise in education. 

Engaging Students in Environmental Sustainability in a Discipline-Appropriate Way. 25/01/22. In person.
Engaging Students in Environmental Sustainability in a Discipline-Appropriate Way

The Rise of ChatGPT by Dr Aisling Tierney

Artificial Intelligence is now so accessible that, with some clever steps, it can produce good quality essays that rarely get caught by plagiarism checks. The higher education sector is abuzz with talk on how this will affect the rate of cheating and the impact on student learning. What does this mean for our practice?

University of Bristol Guidance for staff: Impact of Artificial Intelligence, such as ChatGPT, in assessments

Pedagogy Podcast: episodes 4 and 5

In our final two episodes of the currents series. Louise Howson talks to:

Dr Hadi Abulrub a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering who explores the literature around programme level assessment and how this should be encouraged

Dr Andy Wakeman  a Senior Lecturer in the School of Biological Sciences about how learner generated digital media benefits for both students and teachers. 

Student hackathon: assessment through the lens of the student

BILT Student Fellow, Domi Duff, has created an infographic to share student’s feedback on what makes an authentic assessment from our Student Hackathon in December.

Student Research Journal – call for papers

BILT’s Student Research Journal is a, peer-reviewed journal, dedicated to the encouragement of students and the wider academic community to value undergraduate research through the publication of high-quality student research. The journal publishes outstanding work from across the University’s faculties, highlighting the diversity and breadth in the work of Bristol students, and enables valuable professional experience in reading and editing submissions, carrying out the peer-review process and preparing papers for publication, for the all-student publication board.

We hope the journal will encourage students to see themselves as researchers and promote the view that they are valued members of the academic community at the University of Bristol. Explore our previous Student Research Journals and please encourage your students to submit.

BILT Student Research Journal. Open for submission and editorial board application.

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Designing active learning sessions – how can we engage students with online materials to complement the in-person experience? 08/02/22. Online
Designing active learning sessions – how can we engage students with online materials to complement the in-person experience?
Embedding Skills in PGT Pedagogy - SSL. 06/02/22. In person.
Graduate Skills Development at Bristol. 22/02/23. Online.
Graduate Skills Development at Bristol
Embedding Case Based Learning in a modern undergraduate curriculum: design, implementation and practice. 23rd Feb. 1-2pm. Hybrid.

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