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Issue 105

This will be our last Briefing for 2022-23 and we hope you will enjoy reading the excellent decolonisation zine from Student Fellow Evelyn Miller, two insightful blogposts about authentic learning and peer observation, an introduction to Random Acts of Kindness, and details of our Programme Director Induction course. For us, August will be about planning ahead for the next academic year and the chance to take a bit of a break after a very busy year. We hope you will also get the opportunity for some time away from your laptops, but if you really cannot wait until September for your BILT fix remember you can always catch up with us via social media. Happy holidays!

BILT Conference 2023

This year’s BILT conference was the first ever in-person and if you were there you will know it was buzzing! We were lucky to have a fantastic range of presentations throughout the day and the slides are now available to view on our Conference page. Thank you to everyone who organised, presented and attended and made it such a good day.

Random Acts of Kindness

Did you spot our lovely tree at the conference? Many of you added leaves to it containing examples of how you had recently carried out an act of kindness, or ideas of how we could offer an act of kindness to someone.

If all of this means nothing to you, you need to read our Random Acts of Kindness blogpost!

Decolonisation zine

Student Fellow Evelyn Miller has been busy researching the decolonising efforts being made across a number of schools and departments within the University of Bristol.

Her zine – In Review: Decolonising Bristol University – provides examples, frameworks and steps that educators and students have taken towards decolonising our institution and curricula so far.

Computer Science in the City – Community Engaged Learning

Hannah Cowell and Peter Oliver report on this excellent example of authentic learning which offers students the opportunity to design, test and evaluate prototype software or apps. Their informative blogpost includes insights from students and external partners.

Could peer observation help you develop your teaching practice?

teacher proctoring his students during an examination

Dr Satadru Mukherjee reflects on how peer observation provided useful insight into how he manages groupwork with his students in this candid and well-researched blogpost.


Programme Director Induction – new for September 2023

Programme Director Induction workshop series

Starting from Wednesday 6 September, BILT will be hosting a series of three workshops (choice of online or in-person) for Programme Directors. The workshops will look at the responsibilities of the role, leadership skills and curriculum design.

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