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Guanjie Yuan

Graduate Teacher Level 1 in the Faculty of Science, School of Physics

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[Mr. Yuan] not only taught me basic knowledge (in-situ high temperature XCT) and helped me to be familiar with the equipment (nanoidentor, polishing and cutting machine) and software (ImageJ, Avizo, for image processing) related to my project. He likes to develop my self-thinking skills, not merely give me the knowledge, but help me to learn how to find and solve problems…which makes me have my own critical thinking ideas.

He is very kind, very patient and full of passion.

We asked Guanjie how he felt about being nominated and shortlisted.

I am really glad and honored for being shortlisted for the Inspiring and Innovative Teaching Award. I have been in Bristol as a PhD student for three years, and I have spent two years as a foundation lab demonstrator teaching physics experiments. I really like this job, as it not only gives me the opportunity to meet people from different cultural background, but sometimes the thinking and questions from students could also let me have deeper thinking of the experiment and the underlying physics theories, which enable myself to be improved. During the class, I will not merely give the ‘correct or right’ answers to the students, but let them discuss them, search information online and inspire them to think by themselves. I think teaching them how to think logically when facing scientific issues is more important than the answer itself, that’s also how my supervisor, Dr. Dong Liu, taught me.

On the meantime, I am also being a co-supervisor of one research master student on his project. By the help of the experiences as a foundation lab demonstrator, I taught him how to think creatively and independently. I am glad to see his improvement.

4 thoughts on “Guanjie Yuan”

  1. He is a responsible and enthusiastic teacher in the classroom. He helped me to develop my autonomy, improve my skills, motivate me to experiment and think creatively. He encouraged me to develop critical thinking and to identify and solve problems in my studies on my own. I really like and appreciate him.

  2. Mr.Yuan is a very patient and inspiring co-supervisor. Under his guidance, I grew an understanding of my project about nuclear materials. The creative idea he told me will be benefit for my future research.

  3. As a teacher Guanjie is deligent and enthusiastic with strong academic skills. He is so helpful with explaining complex principles and happy to offer thoughts through concepts on him self or with the group. He is also very encouragable to support weaker people in the tutorial group with particularly patientient in listening from us and ensure his explainations are properly comprehended. His spoken English is very good and easy to understand. Overall, it was quite a luck to have him as the tutor in my academic life.

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