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Francesco Fornetti

Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

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In addition to [Dr Fornetti’s] outstanding competence and communication skills, what really struck me was his creativity and his ability to empathise with students.

[I] was astonished at the dramatic changes that [Dr Fornetti] had introduced! Short videos linked to QR codes that students could use to get support through their experiments, preparatory material assessed with interactive and fun tests, an excellent level of clarity in the handouts and crystal clear specifications for marking and assessment.

…Dr Fornetti has provided Tiktok videos for certain labs. These went down very well with students and personally, I was impressed by Dr Fornetti’s awareness of how students assimilate information and commitment to making these additional resources.

Francesco’s dedication to his work and to achieving an environment that fosters learning, promotes discussion and supports both students and academics is truly inspiring.

In addition to his work with home lab kits, he devised a set of “remedial labs” that would enable students to acquire essential engineering skills. He led the delivery of these for our current year 2 students in TB1 and then again for Y1 and Y2 students who only arrived in TB2. This entailed an enormous amount of extra work and is a testimony to his enthusiasm and professionalism.

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