Bristol Teaching Awards

Faculty Teaching & Development Team

Faculty of Engineering

Team members: Greg Richards, Ellen Gingell, Matthew Richardson, Richard Walker, Enea Colleoni, James Filbin, Jonathan Rose, Luke Woodbury, Daryl White, Jude Bramton

“…have done an incredible job of allowing students access to practical activities and support against the severe challenges and hurdles imposed by COVID.”

“…as we moved to blended learning, they designed a series of face-to-face laboratory activities that were rolled out as a bookable series of events, to allow students across all years to gain some experience in group activities, address wellbeing and isolation, and bolster the student experience.”

“…this team made sure that students continued to have a high-quality Engineering experience, rising to the logistical challenge of shipping hundreds of kits worldwide.”

“The team have forged really strong partnerships with the student and academic communities and can be relied on to support any new initiative or request, no matter how small.”

What is the background of the team?

The Faculty Teaching & Development was formed back in November 2018 to bring together all of the technical staff in engineering who had a focus on teaching and the student experience. We are made up of 10 team members with a range of expertise, from electronics to woodwork, to games development and 3D printing, and much more! We have team members who are relatively new to the university as well as some with a wealth of UoB experience having been here more than 30 years!

What are the core activities and aims of the team?

Our aim is to provide the best possible support for our practical engineering teaching across the Faculty. We have been designing and delivering practical sessions to all of our engineering students this year, throughout the pandemic, and we’re really looking forward to having more students back on campus soon.

How does the team feel about being shortlisted?

We’re chuffed to be shortlisted – it’s such a honour after such a tough year where everyone has worked so hard.

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