Bristol Teaching Awards

Chris Cooper

Assessments, Feedback & Student Systems Manager, Faculty of Health Sciences, Bristol Medical School

“Her efficiency and hard work are renowned with the medical school and are recognised by staff, students and all our external examiners. The sheer volume of work that Chris does is remarkable.”

“Chris is an essential part of the multiple NHS partnerships that we have across the whole of the NHS, which are complex and vital to the way in which our course runs. She has helped ensure that during the pandemic students are still able to learn safely in clinical environments and supported students.”

“She is well-known within the Faculty and beyond (including by our external examiners) for her efficiency and hard work, and in terms of managing assessments and feedback, her efforts have no doubt contributed to the increase in the NSS scores for medicine over recent years in this area.”

“Chris Cooper is a lynchpin of the medical administration team, providing excellent support and advice to professional services and academic colleagues alike.”

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