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Chris Adams

Lecturer in the Faculty of Science, School of Chemistry

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Dr. Chris Adams has made all of the first years in chemistry feel welcomed into the school. Before Christmas, he was in every lab and always happy to help with any questions we had. It could easily have been overwhelming but he made labs a place we are now very comfortable in.

As part of delivering the Reactivity strands of the new first year, Chris developed workbooks for the students which cut across different topics and allowed them to practice structural drawings, curly arrows and reactivity analysis, recorded asynchronous material, set up quizzes, checked and challenged our content, and then proceeded to be the person demonstrating how to complete the exercises.

With Chris’s unique blend of educational knowledge, technical skills using the DLM/Moodle and compassionate understanding of the bafflement the jargon of chemical subdisciplines can cause in students, he found a way of implementing all aspects of the exercise, fostering student learning in an engaging way while building and reinforcing new skills.

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