BILT Annual Conference 2023 – Building community and belonging in a challenging and changing world 

  • This event will take place on Wednesday 12th July 2023 (all day event). 
  • In-person, at the Bill Brown Suite, Queens Building, Woodland Road. 
  • We will be including contributions from staff and students across the University of Bristol as part of the conference programme. 
  • Contribution submissions are now closed. Further details about the conference programme and how to register will be announced at the beginning of April. 

Conference overview: 

In the current global economic and political context, it is more important than ever to consider how our programmes foster community and belonging:

  • How can programmes be designed to embed connections between students, their communities, their courses and their places of learning?
  • How do we create settings in which students feel valued, enthused and equipped to make productive contributions to society’s challenges?
  • How can we connect staff and student communities?

This conference will explore the role of community and belonging in creating what bell hooks calls “the best climate for learning”. It will examine various themes such as inclusivity, interdisciplinarity, embedded authentic pedagogies, connection with the environment and with local and global communities. 

Contributing themes: 

University of Bristol staff/student contributions will explore the following themes:

Building communities  

  • of friendship to support wellbeing and social cohesion   
  • within our degrees, within our discipline  
  • that cross disciplines and themes  
  • that connect students with each other through teaching and assessment – for small and large group scenarios 

Building belonging 

  • through learning communities that connect to the city and work with civic partners  
  • that value all – inclusive approaches to teaching and assessment  
  • around big challenges: decolonising our programmes and curricula and embedding sustainability thinking into curricula  
  • through authentic assessment connecting students to local and wider communities 

Presentation formats:

Formats for presentations may include: 

  • poster presentations  
  • lightning presentations (up to 5 minutes) 
  • short presentations (up to 10 minutes) 

Selecting contributions criteria:  

Proposals are being reviewed by a small shortlisting panel made up of members from the BILT Team. Proposals are assessed according to the following criteria:  

  • Relevance to the conference theme(s)  
  • Clarity and coherence of the proposal, including the problem or question addressed and findings or solutions offered   
  • Theory and/or evidence suggesting the effectiveness of the highlighted practices, solutions or findings or quality of reflection on lessons learned   
  • Likely value to a range of participants across the University of Bristol  

Further details about the conference programme and how to register will be announced at the beginning of April. 

If you have any questions, please contact  

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