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BILT Friday Briefing Issue 42


Planning for 20/21

As the new year fast approaches BILT has been busy planning for a jam-packed range of initiatives and events for 20/21. This will include a reprise of our 2018 Student Hackathon, continuation of the BILT Sparks Series, a Festival of Undergraduate Research and information on the National Teaching Fellowship and Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence schemes. We look forward to sharing further details with you in future briefings.

Student Fellow themes 20/21

We are currently finalising materials to begin promotion of our 20/21 Student Fellow opportunities to current students. Watch this space for further details. In the meantime, we are delighted to confirm that the Student Fellowship themes for the coming year are as follows:

  • Building inclusive online communities
  • Assessment and feedback
  • Students as researchers
  • Decolonisation

We can’t wait to see what this year’s students will bring to these topics and look forward to announcing further news and associated resources as the year unfolds.


Student Fellow resources

Our Student Fellow from 19/20 created a flurry of resources before wrapping up their projects which we can now share with you, this includes:

Active, Collaborative Students as Researchers – Emily Kinder and Toby Roberts explore how a collaborative mini-journal could be used as an innovative method of assessment.

‘Voicing Vulnerabilities in Higher Education’ podcast series – Owen Barlow explores a range of wellbeing topics with staff and students. Listen to the series in its entirety on Soundcloud.

Students as Researchers: British Conference for Undergraduate Research (BCUR) Edition – Emily Kinder surfaces some of the fascinating and inspiring student research projects that would have been included in BCUR, had it not been thwarted by the COVID crisis.

Lessons from the BILT Conference: a MEMEorable Event – Marnie Woodmeade uses the art of memes to reflect on lessons learnt from this summer’s BILT virtual conference ‘Tales from the Digital Classroom’


Blended Learning and Teaching: into the brave new world’ course for hourly paid staff

There is still time to sign up to this online course running from the 21st to the 25th September, focused on blended teaching, which has been specifically designed for hourly paid staff. The programme will support you in your role as we face the challenges of a new learning and teaching environment. Find out more and sign up, if you are eligible here.

DEO – Range of events

Please visit the DEO Events page for full listings of forthcoming events.


If there is anything you would like to share via this briefing, please get in touch with the BILT Team at

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