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AVDASI 2 Teaching Team

The AVDASI 2 Teaching Team (please note that some photos were taken pre pandemic)

Faculty of Engineering, Department of Aerospace Engineering

Alex Mcconville, Alexander Quessy, Ali Kandemir, Branislav Titurus, Bryan Xing, Chris Grace, Daryl White, David Reid, Ed Wheatcroft, Fintan Healy, Frederico Dias Paulino Da Costa, Greg Richards, Ian Farrow, Imad Ouachan, Jacob Goodenough, James Filbin, Kieran Tait, Kirk Willicombe, Liam Fletcher, Lucian Constantin, Luke Woodbury, Marcus Gardner, Mario Martinez Groves-Raines, Matthew Richardson, Mayra Rivera Lopez, Michael O’Leary, Nick Zang, Peiman Moradi, Sanuja Jayatilake, Sarthak Mahapatra, Sergio Araujo-Estrada, Steve Bullock, Terry Godsmark, Thomas Rendall, Tom Pratt, Vincent Maes, Xiao Liu

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The AVDASI 2 – Design, Build and Test group project is a cornerstone of the Aerospace Engineering undergraduate programme. Working in large teams, students apply their knowledge of various technical disciplines… to design and build an aircraft fuselage or wing, before testing them in the wind tunnels. The unit is often cited by final-year students as the highlight of their degree. As a result of the Covid19 mitigations, this year the unit had to be taught to two cohort simultaneously, totaling some 270 students. For one of the cohorts, the project also had to be compressed into a single teaching block. Adding to this challenge was the refurbishment and commissioning of a dedicated lab space in the summer of 2021, meaning much of the equipment was used for the first time.

The hard work of the teaching team for AVDASI 2 resulted in a high-quality, creative and inspirational learning experience for our students – a big thank you to them!

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