Bristol Teaching Awards

Andy Wakefield

Lecturer in the Faculty of Life Sciences, School of Biological Sciences

“Pushed me to challenge myself within my research, whilst always being around for advice.”

“He has been outstandingly dedicated to a subject that he clearly is passionate and knowledgeable about. He makes it extremely interesting and I enjoy his lectures: every lecture feels like watching a movie.”

“…he teaches in a way that prompt us to dedicate our careers to bring true value to the people, planet, and economy.”

“He has written many, many “how to” guides for digital novices, run online courses, dealt with huge numbers of queries and run an exemplar online course (Ecolgy at Y2) which will act as a model of how we use online teaching going forward.”

We asked Andy how he felt about being shortlisted

I’m absolutely thrilled to have been shortlisted for a BTA! Inspiring students to deepen their passionate for the natural world and helping them become proactive in protecting it are the things I enjoy most about my job. Therefore, to have received several nominations from students in this particular category is extremely rewarding.

A huge thank you to everyone who took the time to write something lovely in their nomination, it means a lot – especially at the end of such a demanding year.

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