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Amy Homer

Lecturer in the Faculty of Health Sciences, Bristol Veterinary School

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The reason I particularly want to nominate Amy however is for her work with the Bristol Neuter Clinic. The Neuter Clinic was set up in a whirlwind of stress and chaos at the beginning of 2021, as an urgently needed response to final year vet students needing the opportunity to perform routine first opinion surgeries – their usual placements having been shut down due to Covid. A very small team were asked to develop a standalone clinic from scratch with extremely limited resources, and Amy was a key player in the team. Amy has been with the clinic from the first days of planning, throughout 2021, and until it closed at the end of February 2022.

[Amy] calmly and clearly talks everything through with her students and I can’t think of a better teacher to guide both the vet and vet nursing students through learning all the aspects of anesthesia and management of a patient for surgery.

Amy is always considering ways to improve her teaching and the experience of her students, and is constantly coming up with new ways to help students engage with and understand her topic. She has a great insight into the way learners learn and often comes up with truly innovative solutions…

Amy is a truly inspiring colleague. She is always putting the students first and her energy and enthusiasm for her subject is infectious.

We asked Amy how she felt about being nominated and shortlisted.

I am extremely excited to be shortlisted for this award. I absolutely love teaching my students and try to treat everyone I teach in the same way that I would want to be treated- with respect and patience. I enjoy finding new ways to improve the experience for our students, so that they can eventually graduate and go on to train the next generation!

This shortlisting has made my day, week, and year! Thank you for all the nominations and good luck to all those who have been shortlisted.

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