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Alex Birkett

Alex Birkett

Specialist Teaching Technician, Department of Anthropology and Archaeology

Alex has always been incredibly supportive and helpful. Despite being very busy his door is always open and it’s clear that he really cares about how we do as students, but also about our experience at the university. 

On an organisational level he has also been indispensable. Making sure we have access to the right equipment if needs be, letting students into the teaching lab, explaining the equipment. 

We are hugely appreciative of his constant support and technical help. I’ve seen a lot of positive changes in the department over the last 3yrs, he is always looking for ways to improve things and proactive about getting them done. He has made the archaeology department a welcoming and supportive environment and I’m very grateful that he has been there throughout my degree, I’m certain that many of us wouldn’t have done as well academically without him there. 

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