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Ad Putter

Professor of Medieval English Literature in the Faculty of Arts, Department of English

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[Ad] is concerned about his students on a personal, human level first, and I personally find this trait of his so kind, motivational and inspiring.

[Ad] provides excellent guidance and helps students to develop as researchers. I also believe he encourages students to become members of their scholarly communities by organising friendly and academic meetings with other members of the University.

[Ad’s] feedback is genuinely constructive; supportive and warm when needed, but still carefully targeted, always with an eye for slip-ups and possible improvements. He overflows with new ideas, interesting resources, novel connections, and useful tips.

I find Ad to be absolutely outstanding not only in his academic expertise but also regarding his kindness, persistent encouragement and benevolence, and for me it is an incredible privilege to work with him.

We asked Ad how he felt about being nominated and shortlisted.

Postgraduate students are a big part of my life and they deserve to be: they are the future of the field and the profession, and I am proud of their tributes.       

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