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Willow Gibson

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Specialist Technician, Faculty of Engineering

Willow is one of our superstar technical team in Engineering….from day one she has been so incredibly helpful. She accommodates, plans and supports sessions with large numbers with greatest of ease…She is also a mine of good ideas, many of which help future sessions run smoothly. Practical, hands-on and lab-based learning is a keystone to the authentic learning environment we all strive to achieve. Safe and efficient lab sessions are reliant on a technical team who are open, friendly and supportive to ensure students feel able to ask for help. Willow embodies all three of these characteristics, and is a real asset to both the students and staff of the Faculty of Engineering. 

Students have told me how much they have appreciated her and this is a testament to how she goes above and beyond in her job, making it a better place for everyone to work and learn. 

From assisting with the significant organisation effort, to helping and encouraging students throughout, and leading some of the sessions entirely, she has been amazing. The feedback from the students has been very positive throughout the unit with regards to the assistance from technical services, but most will highlight Willow as the shining star. 

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