Bristol Teaching Awards

Social Work Teaching Team

Faculty of Social Sciences and Law, School for Policy Studies

Team members: Geraldine MacDonald, Vicky Sharley, Jon Symonds, Paul Willis, Aggie Bezzina, Heather Ottaway, Ria Griffiths, Jo Toye, Harriet Tamlyn, Jessica Roy and William Turner

“…shown unprecedented dedication and commitment to deliver innovative, collaborative and high-quality teaching and learning in a context where COVID19 has presented huge challenges for delivering professional training.”

“…the team has been outstanding in adapting to online teaching and learning, where they have rapidly and thoughtfully designed a radically expanded repertoire of pedagogic activities.”

“Placement coordinators have also worked exceptionally hard, using their outstanding relationships with local authorities and agencies to ensure that students are provided with fulfilling placement experiences in a supportive environment.”

“The innovative and dedicated work of the social work team has been a genuine inspiration for every colleague within the school…”

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