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Pauline Heslop

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Professor of Intellectual Disabilities Studies, School of Policy Studies

Pauline was also very helpful during my fieldwork in helping me to remain emotionally well, supporting me to source clinical supervision for the latter part of the research. She has made herself readily available throughout my PhD. We have scheduled supervisions as regularly as I have needed them. 

Throughout the last seven years that Pauline has walked me through this journey, she has routinely sent me relevant papers, invited me to research discussion groups, encouraged me to attend training, seminars, and conferences that will support and encourage me, and supported me with my own publications and dissemination.  

My journey through this process has been – despite the inevitable struggles and bumps in the road – a joy overall. I know that this is in a large part due to Pauline unwavering encouragement and support.  

She is highly motivated to see other people succeed, and she has done everything in her power to make sure that I produce high-quality, innovative, relevant research. She is an extraordinary person, and I remain indebted to her for her unwavering support, wisdom, encouragement and kindness. 

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