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Meet the Student Fellows… Tasha Suresh

Hello 🙂 

I’m Tasha! I am very excited to start this journey at BILT, with the role of “Students as Co-Creators and Researchers”. Currently, I am in the second year of my Psychology undergraduate degree. When I’m not trying to convince friends from other courses that Freud is a fraud, I’m reading political texts and attempting to radicalise those around me (this is a joke, partly). I love making digital art, crocheting, cooking, and reading at Brandon Hill (even though I was chased out of there by a very ferocious, tiny dog once). 

Having conducted a few research projects in the duration of my university course, I appreciate student research as a practical learning experience, and how this aids in understanding the methodological pipeline of research. BILT’s work with their journal and festival of student research is something I am very eager to start working on, with Daniel, my team member at BILT. However, my interest in this role does not only encompass the pedagogical impact of student research. I would also like to focus on student wellbeing during the course of their research. For example, last year, some students with learning disabilities felt they did not receive the appropriate support they needed to complete their project. Additionally, I want to find ways to encourage creativity in research and put a heavy emphasis on ethics (so we don’t end up with even more research advocating the use of Ivermectin to cure Covid with made-up data).

I’ve had the opportunity to live in Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, and now the UK. I feel the big cultural changes I’ve adapted to over the years have definitely affected the way I view research. Research tends to be eurocentric, and hopefully this year, I’ll collaborate with Adriel, who is leading the decolonising the curriculum theme, to encourage a more inclusive, universal approach to student research.

 I can’t wait to get started with BILT, to showcase all of Bristol University’s wonderful student research, and hopefully, to also improve the experience of being a student researcher!

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  1. Hi Tasha, In Study Skills we’ve a strong commitment to students as co-creators, so we’d love to talk to you about your project and also see what we can improve in our approaches at Study Skills!

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