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Meet the Student Fellows… Kai Charles

Hey all,

I’m Kai, a Student Fellow working on a project centering the voices and experiences of disabled students. As both a person living at the convergence of disability and marginalisation and a third year maths and philosophy student at UoB my passion for this project originated from my personal experiences of the various struggled and accessibility issues disabled people face at university.

I’ve previously worked with BILT to contribute to the student research journal writing on the failures of sexual violence law in Europe. I look forward to being part of an organization that centers students’ voices, providing multiple opportunities for both under- and post- graduate study.

Through my project I hope to expand the University’s narrow image of what it means to be disabled, shining a light on the manner in which disability can be effected and reinforced by the experience of living within other marginalised groups and how students who live at the convergence of various marginalised identities can be supported academically. I further intend to analyse the process through which students must go in order to receive support with the aim of suggesting way this process can both be streamlines and made accessible to those students who either lack the money required to gather much of the evidence or find the administrative burden difficult to handle as a result of their disability.

Outside of my project I spend far too much of my time reading, I write and do poetry open mics when they’re on. I enjoy climbing, boxing and spending time with my friends as well as getting involved in community projects.

I can’t wait to start work with the BILT team, I’m excited to use the opportunity to center the nuanced and diverse voices of Bristol’s disabled students and hope to use my time here to encourage the university to ensure accessibility for all it’s students!

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