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Meet the Student Fellows… Carlos Shanka Boissy Diaz

¡Hola! I’m Carlos, one of this year’s Student Fellows at BILT. I will aim at embedding Sustainable Development in the UoB’s curriculum this year, which is quite a big task. 

I am super passionate about the concept of sustainability, and I have willing to contribute to fixing climate change or reducing carbon emissions, for instance. Back at home, the Canary Islands (Spain), I started to re-educate myself on the climate crisis and the environmental crisis. I got involved with local organisations and then moved on to Bristol and discover its uniqueness and opportunities. 

Thus, my background is heavily reflected on roles at the University. I strived to promote awareness and take action through volunteering roles such as the President of Bristol University’s Sustainability Team and the Chair of the Sustainability Network. There have been many interesting projects in which I’ve worked alongside students and staff, such as the Invest for Change campaign (working with the University to divest from unethical investments), hosting the Sustainability Careers Fair, or on the Sustainability Champions new role. Eventually, I will be visiting the COP26 and representing Spain at the COY16 (please let me know if you are going to Glasgow as well).

Nonetheless, I have come to the realisation of two things while studying at Bristol. Firstly, being vegan is one of the best choices one can probably make. Secondly (and most importantly), one can accomplish great things on an individual basis, but it can be extremely more cost-effective to influence others. That is why I believe that the best thing that I can do is to ensure that the future leaders are able to put the environment and the society before – or, at least, on the same level as – profit.

Consequently, I want to focus on strategies and projects for the university to enable students the tools, knowledge, and inspiration to tackle the world’s challenges. We students (83%) demand to see sustainable development actively incorporated and promoted through all courses (NUS Sustainability, 2019). I think that it is time to ensure that we accomplish this, following the University’s Sustainability Strategy 2020-2025, as well as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

I am eager to culminate my last year at university by ensuring that we do ‘the right thing’. Hence, I would love to connect with fellow sustainability enthusiasts and people passionate about education. You might see me around campus rushing to get to my biology lectures, to the gym, or to meetings related to sustainability. Otherwise, I will be more than happy to connect on LinkedIn and discuss your ideas! 

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