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Meet the 2022 BILT Associates – Anthi Chondrogianni

The following post is from Anthi Chondrogianni who‘s BILT Associate role is on the theme of assessment and feedback.

I am delighted to join the BILT Associates on the theme of assessment and feedback. I am a Lecturer in the School of Economics, especially on topics related to Microeconomic Theory, Behavioural Economics and Economics Education.  

I am involved in projects that investigate how the use of technology can improve students’ learning experience. One of my recent research projects, that was presented during the BILT – The Compassionate conference, is to evaluate the effect audio feedback on student satisfaction. Providing audio feedback can improve student experience and learning, intimacy and clarity and can provide a more personalised way of communication between instructors and learners. My results suggest that audio feedback is perceived as more compassionate. The instructor’s tone and the emphasis on certain words make it more beneficial for students and can lead to increased student engagement. Student satisfaction ranges quite highly on the amount and quality of information provided, in terms of the level of detail and further improvement. Audio feedback was found to be helpful in preparation for future assignments and effective in helping students understand the strengths and weaknesses in their coursework. 

Another project I am working on concerns the implementation of staged projects, that include student presentations, as an alternative form of assessment. Such types of assessment can improve student wellbeing as they can be less stressful compared to high-stake exams, promote student proactiveness and engage students with active learning. A significant advantage of presentations is that they can simultaneously assess a wide range of skills, including time management, effective communication and ability to synthesise.  

In my teaching I use discussion boards, polls, and experiments. I look forward to engaging in productive discussions and developing relevant resources with colleagues through BILT activities. 

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